Workers Compensation & Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance
Taxable base
Rate (Calculated)
Calculations consider the histroy of both unemployment insurance contributions and benefits paid to former workers, growth of an employer's payroll and the overall unemployment conditions for the state.
New Employers Rate
Maximum Weekly Benefit

Workers Compensation

Average cost for all manufacturing per $100 payroll

Georgia law requires employers to insure their workers against job-connected accidents. This insurance is carried with private companies, unless the employer prefers to be self-insured.

Maximum Weekly Benefit

Self-insured employers must provide proof of financial ability to the State Workers' Compensation Board. The Board may require posting of a bond.

Private insurance companies return about 2% of the premiums received from employers to the Board to cover its operating costs. Self-insured employers pay a fee directly to the Board to cover operating costs (about 2% of what premiums would have been).