Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Savannah

There is a reason why the New York Times called Savannah an incubator of creativity. With a thriving ecosystem that includes SEDA, SCAD, The Creative Coast, the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, the Technology Association of Georgia and so many more, Savannah works together to help entrepreneurs soar.

The Creative Coast

The Creative Coast exists to nurture the members of the Savannah community engaged in creative or innovative endeavors and to cultivate an environment in which they can thrive. A nonprofit organization, The Creative Coast supports numerous programs that inspire creativity and entrepreneurship, including Geekend, FastPitch, TEDxCreativeCoast and Startup Lounge.
In 2014, The Creative Coast and SEDA announced the establishment of the Creators’ Foundry, a 16,000-square-foot facility that serves as a vibrant, innovative epicenter of entrepreneurial activity. The space offers office rental space, incubator space, co-working space, and an auditorium for lectures, festivals, workshops and events.

Savannah College of Art and Design

As the most comprehensive art and design university in the world, SCAD offers more degree programs and specializations than any other art and design university and prepares graduates for a variety of professional and creative careers. As part of their career preparation, SCAD students work with many leading and local companies on collaborative projects through an industry partnership program. Through custom-designed assignments and commissioned work, students gain real-world, professional experience, while the partners benefit from new perspective and fresh ideas. There are more than 8,300 SCAD students in Savannah, and they not only contribute to the city’s rich culture, many choose to stay in Savannah and start their own businesses.