Savannah, Chatham and State Taxes & Incentives

The Savannah Economic Development Authority, the City of Savannah, Chatham County and the State of Georgia offer many incentives to qualifying new or expanding qualifying businesses. To learn more about these incentives and additional incentives that may be available, contact SEDA.

Local Incentives 

Property Tax Abatement
Grant Financing/Discretionary Funding
Tax Exempt Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs)
Foreign Trade Zone 104
World Trade Center Savannah
Business Retention & Expansion
Additional Local Incentives

Georgia Business Incentives

Job Tax Credit
Quality Jobs Tax Credit
Port Tax Credit Bonus
Research and Development Tax Credit
Mega Project Tax Credit
Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Tax Credit
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Investment Tax Credit
Optional Investment Tax Credit
Retraining Tax Credit
Child Care Tax Credit

City of Savannah, Chatham County and State of Georgia Tax Exemptions

Local Property Tax Exemption
Inventory Tax Exemption
County Inventory Tax Abatement
Property Tax Fee and Abatements
Computer Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
Pollution Equipment Tax Exemption
Primary Materials Handling Sales Tax Exemption
Manufacturing Machinery Sales Tax Exemption
Foreign Merchandise in Transit Credit
Economic Development Credit
Sales and Use Tax Exemption

Georgia Workforce Incentives

Employee Screening
Quick Start Pre-employment Training
Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP)
Go Build Georgia
Operation Workforce
Coastal Workforce Services/Coastal Workforce Investment Board
HOPE Scholarship
Right to Work Laws

Small Business and Entrepreneurs Assistance

Angel Investor Tax Credit
Entrepreneur and Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

Miscellaneous Incentives

Fee/Payment in Lieu of Taxes
Reduction in Tap-in Fees
Georgia Centers of Innovation